How to debug click failures

  • Have 2 flic buttons connected to flic hub; click = toggle associated Hue light. 80% of the time click has no effect. Don't know how to debug. How do I know if the click is getting to the hub, if the hub is connecting to your server, etc - i.e. where the breakdown is?

    Also - fellow owners - it looks like 90% of the help requests here never get answered by flic. Is this the best way to get help?

  • FlicTeam

    Hi. If you see the LED blink on the hub when you press a button - that means the hub processes the button click. Philips Hue run on the LAN so it doesn't connect any backend servers or so. One reason it might stop to work is if the Hue bridge changes IP addresses (which is up to your router). You could try give it a static IP address.

    Regarding this forum, it is generally meant to be a community forum and not a support forum. If you need support, please contact support (at) where we have dedicated people to answer your requests.

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