Many, what is "standby"?

  • Sometimes the word "standby" appears on my button screen, with an x in a box. What does this mean?

  • OK, no, I can't send a pic, but upon closer inspection, it looks as if the X is over a graphic representation of a Flic. This is consistent with your explanation. But...for example right now my Green Flic is showing as Standby, when it's sitting right here. I know that when I put distance between my Flic and my Smartphone, they disconnect, but do they not automatically reconnect when in the vicinity?

  • FlicTeam

    Can you send a picture of what you mean with "X" in a box? Standby means there is currently no active ongoing Bluetooth connection to the button (although the phone might still listen for the button, waiting to connect, unless you have explicitly disconnected the button (blue symbol) or the button is not paired with the phone (red symbol)).

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