Sorta of a rant, feedback.

  • For months if not a year or longer I am looking into Flic buttons, there are a few problems though.
    Number one is that too few devices are included, I have several devices/brands not supported, one of them is Eve, such a shame.
    Second is that it still has no Home support, too easy to blame Apple if you ask me.
    Third, Flic buttons should be a bit cheaper, especially if you buy the multi packs, I think at a €20 base price you would sell a ton more, a 4 pack shouldn't cost more than about €50/€55.
    The hub is also way too expensive, hubs like the Phillips hue cost a lot less, there are even USB based hubs which you can connect with a PC/Mac for about a fifth of the price.

    Just a while ago I installed all new switches/power outlets in my apartment, such a shame there's no affordable nor universal solution yet, how easy would it be to also use normal in wall switches/dimmers in a working environment together with these flic buttons or any other branded buttons, it's all so limited or hugely expensive.

  • @flic-d

    It's just a shame, this product is on the market for years, better integration and lower prices should make this a much better product.
    As for now, I think I will let it go.
    These flic buttons cost little to make, I know it's a business and understand they have to make a profit, lowering prices though and much better support would sell a lot more.

  • @partners-flic-io , I can completely under stand you. I bought my first button yesterday, set up was a breeze, but than the battery was empty, which felt like buying a new car and the first oil change is due. I did not realize that the button has to be connected to a phone to function (my bad), so now I am stuck to buy a overpriced hub or try to use an old phone/tablet to function as a hub. Customer service is very slow, those 2 hours indicated in the chat, are a joke. So far I have a muted customer experience with an item which seems to be well engineered. I am still on the fence if I want to spend more money on that solution or send it back.

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