Nokia 8 Android 9 update none of the buttons connected

  • Hi Team,
    My Nokia 8 decided to do the Android 9 update today and none of my buttons will connect now. Is there any way to resolve this issue?


  • FlicTeam

    @tony Android's Bluetooth team messed up the update to Android 9. The cached GATT db structure is erased for bonded devices after the update, so the API gives an empty list of GATT services, making it impossible to communicate with the GATT characteristics. The only way to make it work again seems to be to unbond the Bluetooth device from the system and then bond again.

  • Ok, I found a strange solution. I removed the buttons from the recently connected Bluetooth list, turned off wifi, then turned it on then after connecting to the internet through the WiFi, the Flic app detected and connected the buttons with all functionality restored at this stage.

    This also worked to reconnect my Fitbit Charge 2, so it seems to be a quirk of the fresh update to Android 9 OREO.

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