Youtube to Chromecast doesn't work using Hub

  • Hi all,

    I've got a Flic paired with a hub running version 1.5.0 . I've previously been able to have it execute a command to cast a Youtube video to my Chromecast but it doesn't work anymore. Stopped working since approx Dec 2018 and I haven't been able to get it to work.

    Hub 1.5.0
    Flic button - single click command executes Chromecast provider
    Action is Youtube and URL is "httpsCOLON//" (had to mess it up a little otherwise it would embed the video)

    I can't get it to work despite varying the URL to be without https:// or as http:// or just the se5XcrG4S8s itself. How do I make it work?

    When I press it the Youtube app opens on the Chromecast but it doesn't load the video. Casting from native Android or iOS Youtube apps both work fine.

    Thoughts? Thanks!

  • Same problem here, did you get it to work?

  • Having same issue. Tried full URL (desktop & mobile versions) and 11 characters after the v=
    on hub version 1.5.2

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