iOS app, Flic app in the background

  • It seems that if I left Flic iOS app open in the background long enough, the app gets silently killed even though by double tapping iPhone home button the app appears to be still in background. And Flic button stopped working unless I manually re-enter the Flic iOS app.

    Is there anyway to eliminate any manual action and maintain usability of Flic buttons connected via bluetooth to iPhone? If I have to manually open the Flic app because the app has been left in the background for too long, for a few scenarios that I want to use Flic for, kinda defeats the purpose of using Flic.

  • FlicTeam

    It should work as long as you don't toggle Bluetooth, exit & enter airplane mode etc. At least that's what Apple says. If it doesn't work, then Apple has a bug.

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