Summary of good tips on Mac by GamesBX

  • MacOS is a great operating system (according to its personalities) because of its stability, friendly interface, and speed. However, on Mac there are still quite a few small but quite annoying issues that affect your experience. Today I am writing this article to summarize the tips that I usually apply on my Macbook. These tips are small but significantly improve your experience. These tips have their own article. Today I just refine and synthesize the tricks I think are good and necessary according to my personal feelings. Readers for reference!

    1. Show hidden files on Mac.
    2. Show folder path on Mac
    3. Make your Mac sound when charging as iPhone
    4. How to install firmware password for Macbook
    5. Ways to take screenshots on a Mac
    6. Change the default image viewer on Mac
    7. Show your name on macOS Menubar

    If you are interested or have any questions, please leave a message for me, I will guide you in detail. Thanks for reading.
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