Two Hue bridge support?

  • Have 2 Philip Hue bridges.
    How do I connect both bridges to my Flic Hub?
    Seems only possible to connect one bridge.
    Any work around or do I need to buy an additional Flic Hub (if that solves the problem)?

  • @Emil So it seems I can add one Hue bridge to the provider section for my Flic LR hub. And I can add a different Hue bridge to the provider section in the app on the Hubs / Phone home screen in the app. But I can only configure a button with the Hue bridge added to the Flic hub. Is this expected behaviour?

  • It seems like I'm only able to add a single Philips hue hub. When the first one is added I can not add a second. The only option I have is to delete the first on.

    Somewhere in the app I remember the text "add hubs" (plural) which I interpreted to having multiple Philips Hue bridges connected.


  • FlicTeam

    Hi. It should just be to add a second hub in the Philips Hue provider view. Doesn't that work?

  • I'm also interested in this question.

    I have a Flic button at my own apartment and one at my girlfriends apartment. I just want a simple setup where a Flic button can turn on/off the lights in each apartments respectively. One flic button for my apartment and one for my girlfriends.

    Naturally two Philips Hue bridges exists in this setup. One in each apartment.


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