Flic 2/Flic hub LR + Homekit updates?

  • I'm looking to buy the new Flic 2 + Flic Hub LR. But I'm a little hesitant, as I saw a post from last year: https://community.flic.io/topic/17348/status-of-apple-homekit-support stating that homekit wasn't going to be coming to the flic hub... I'm just wondering if this was talking about the previous model? I'm new to the flic world so it's hard to track down then the campaign for the new one started etc.

    Is the Flic 2 + Flic Hub LR still going to have homekit support or has that been scrapped? Is there a timeline for that rollout as that's my main reason to purchase the flic 2 buttons.

    Sorry if this is posted elsewhere.


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