Status of Apple HomeKit support?

  • What is the current status of the planned HomeKit support?

  • Hi @nadia,

    Thanks for providing this update. Any chance you could share some of the specifics around this? Is it around the way that HomeKit models a button for example and the state around this?

    For me, the FlicHub would also make a great relay for HomeKit devices that use Bluetooth - I have some sensors that communicate like this and they only sync while my phone is close.

    In general is there anywhere to see a roadmap of what you folks are working on?

    Finally just to say that I love using the Flic buttons with the new Hub, it has expanded their use enormously :-)


  • FlicTeam

    Hi everyone,

    We're sorry but it seems like there won't be a Homekit integration for now.

    We promised we'd look into it and we did. What we have seen so far is that it is not possible unless Apple makes changes and lifts their restrictions on their side, so we have no date for it.

    This is what we wrote on Indiegogo when we launched the campaign:

    Does the Hub support Apple ‘Homekit’?
    "HomeKit will not be supported on the Hub at launch. We think it's great they have created a more open community by removing the MFI chip requirement. As such we will explore adding HomeKit in future software updates but we can't promise anything at this stage."

    We're sorry for the delayed response and hope you understand!
    Let us know if you have any more questions/requests or ideas for alternatives at

    / Nadia from Flic

  • Hi! I would like to see HomeKit support!
    There are other buttons out there but i like Flic because they are small.

  • I am also interested in finding out the release plan for the integration with Apple HomeKit. Having a mix of lights in my home it is a pity not being able to control them with the Flic hub.

  • Back in the end of April they said on Twitter that it is on their list of features to support, but they can’t say when yet.

  • I would love to hear the answer! I got my Flic Hub a couple a days ago, but I am a bit disappointed about the missing HomeKit support. It has been announced for over a year by now.

    One of my use case for the Flic Button is to toggle my espresso machine on/off. It is attached to an Eve Energy socket. For now I have to ask Siri or open the Home/Eve app to power on/off, also when I am standing right in front of the machine.

    Hope the HomeKit support is coming soon.

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