Flic app is not detecting my home Wemos

  • Hello,

    I’m no longer able to discover new Wemo switches and plugs, and my prior actions with Wemo no longer work.

    In particular trying to connect Wemo Mini Switches which are confirmed to be discoverable by HomeKit and Alexa (via the Wemo skill) but not Flic.

    I have both flic buttons and recently installed the hub+buttons. The Wemo issue occurs on all.

    When trying to discover Wemos the app spins for awhile and comes back that nothing was found. Phone and Wemo are on the same wifi.


    Wemo app - 1.24.1 and all firmware updates instead
    Flic app - 3.3.8
    IOS - 13.1.3 IPhone XS

    I’m running tunnelbear VPN on my phone have listed my home wifi as trusted so I don’t believe it should be interfering.


  • Similar issue. I even emailed support on November 30th... they never even responded.

    I found that often times, the Android app can discover the WeMo switches and plugs better than the iOS app. So usually when I get a new WeMo, I fire up an Android phone, connect, search, and then go back to my iPhone.

    As for how my issue relates to the new Hub LR, when I first set it up, absolutely zero WeMo devices could be found. I was only able to find some of them by using an Android device to scan. Even then, it hasn't found all of them. There are still two -- a switch and a plug -- that it cannot and will not find, no matter what I do. I've reset the router, I've power cycled everything, doesn't matter. The new hub won't find it.

    WeMo integration seems to be exceptionally poor now on the Flic platform compared to what it was two years ago, and Flic devs don't really seem interested in trying to fix it. I suspect it's because Belkin has changed things and are purposefully making it difficult for the devs. I know everyone's answer is "use IFTTT" -- and i would, if it weren't for the fact that IFTTT is painfully slow.

  • @cottrellj
    I have the same issue on the new Flic 2 hub. I can’t discover / add my WeMo switches.

    Any luck solving it since you posted this?

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