Setup Sonos problems: no players found

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    i'm having troubles to connect with Sonos system. Earlier i had it all connected but it's gone and now i want to re-connect them, but no luck. No player can be found in the network (connected to the same network off course).

    Flic 2.2.4 (iPhone)
    Sonos 7.1 (Bridge + Playbar (group with Sub +2x Play 1) and another Play 1 and Play 3)
    iOS 10.2.1

    The following procedures I already did:

    • Restart Router/ Network - no success
    • Restart Flic App
    • Restart Sonos App and Bridge
    • Restart iPhone

    Lifx and Hue are connected without any problems!

    Someone haven same problem these days?
    Thanks for the support! :)

  • Sollution: Setup your wireless installation (not the Bridge or Boost) in the advanced setting in your Sonos Controller (or App)

    Good luck to all...

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