Setting up Flic for Sonos - searching

  • hi

    I have a Sonos setup of several devices - running SonosNet (not using my wifi).

    I try to setup flic, but when adding Sonos to Flic it just keeps "searching" with no result

    I have found other people with the same issue, but haven't heard of an explanation or solution yet.

    Anyone in here who can help?

  • I have the same problem. My flic cant fond my sonos players. I have a sonos amp and a play 1, both connected to the same wireless network that my iPhone who runs the flic app is. First i thought i EAs a network problem, but then i noticed that i can find my Philips hue on the same network. Any ideas?

  • FlicTeam


    Could you describe your setup? Is your Sonos speaker connected to an Android that is providing internet access to the speaker? Is Flic running on this Android device or something else?

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