Flic2 hub & sonos playlists

  • I bought the Flic2 hub and 4 Flics as I was promised by Maria at Flic that playing Sonos favourites (eg to start a Spotify playlist) would be 'super easy'. I've now received it and I can't see anywhere where it can play Sonos favourites, and also when I click on 'Spotify' it says 'The Spotify option for Sonos is not yet available on the hub' (!!)

    Have I missed something or just been given wrong information ?

  • What is going on with the flic 2 hub and Sonos.

    I've seen multiple videos of people using the flic hub and Sonos, not to mention the list of compatible services mentions Sonos and the flic hub.

    Sonos is the only reason I bought a flic hub and buttons, they were a gift for my better half, so she can start a workout playlist / chill out playlist etc depending on where she is and how she feels.

    Not only did my Flic arrive almost a week late, getting me in trouble for not having a present ready, but when it did arrive, it doesn't work as advertised, at this point I'd have been better off buying 3 Flic 1 buttons from amazon for half the price and next day shipping.

  • I’m also looking for this functionality. I the meantime I am sending an IFTTT request via the Flic that in turn triggers a playlist to start. I would like to remove IFTTT from the middle.

    I would also like to figure out a way to program a flic to add a song to my Sonos favorites that I am currently listening to.

    Flic team. Are you listening?

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'd very much like to know the same. Have just received a pack of six Flic and Hub LR for exactly this purpose. It really was not all that clear that this functionality doesn't exist yet.

    Please provide an update as I've found this question being posted a fair amount. Feel pretty sad that I've just shelled out over $250 for a device that doesn't do the one thing I bought it for.

    Look forward to hearing what Flic plan for this feature...

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