Flic 2 not connecting

  • Hi, my existing flic button connects ok, but my 3 new flic 2 buttons don't connect to my bluetooth.

    what are the best troubleshooting steps on a Mac please.

    I have an old Mac so I am using a dongle to support bluetooth 4 as follows:
    Apple Bluetooth Software Version: 6.0.7f16
    Hardware, Features, and Settings:
    Name: Mike’s MacBook Pro
    Address: 5C-F3-70-97-9F-C7
    Bluetooth Low Energy Supported: Yes
    Handoff Supported: No
    Instant Hot Spot Supported: No
    Manufacturer: Broadcom
    Transport: USB
    Chipset: 20702A3
    Firmware Version: v14 c4096
    Bluetooth Power: On
    Discoverable: On
    Connectable: Yes
    Auto Seek Pointing: On
    Remote wake: On
    Vendor ID: 0x0A5C
    Product ID: 0x21E8
    HCI Version: 4.0 (0x6)
    HCI Revision: 0x1000
    LMP Version: 4.0 (0x6)
    LMP Subversion: 0x220E
    Device Type (Major): Computer
    Device Type (Complete): Mac Portable
    Composite Class Of Device: 0x38010C
    Device Class (Major): 0x01
    Device Class (Minor): 0x03
    Service Class: 0x1C0
    Auto Seek Keyboard: On

    perhaps there is a better bluetooth dongle I could use that won't be too expensive? - I am in the UK.

  • Hi, can you confirm that the new Mac App has been releases that does support the Flic2 button?
    I have just received a Flic button which I can connect to my iPhone but doesn't connect to the Mac application (I am running Flic version 2.04)

  • @Emil Thanks, that is not so long to wait. Great :-)

  • FlicTeam

    @mike-hinson we will release it in around two weeks. The mac app does not support flic hub. The Flic hub is standalone and can only be configured through iOS and Android.

  • @Emil Thanks for letting me know.
    Can we have a date for Mac support on Flic 2 please?
    Lack of Mac support wasn't obvious when I supported your project.
    I feel let down.
    Could I buy a hub and connect it to my Mac and use the Mac App in that way?

  • FlicTeam

    @mike-hinson Hi. The mac app will in the near future support Flic 2 buttons. The current version only supports Flic 1 buttons.

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