Google home integration

  • Hi there,

    Just received my flic 2.0's and hub. So far they seem decent enough. My biggest gripe however is the lack of google home integration. Is this a restriction from google - or have flic not bothered. It seems to me like this would be one of the biggest single improvements that they could make.

    Even the flic blog has a post entitled "The Rise of the Buttons" containing the following line, "Picture the scene… you’re fast asleep, your mind’s drifting through different dreams. Then the alarm sounds, jolting you awake. You don’t want to wake the rest of the household so you don’t say ‘Ok Google, start my morning routine.’ Instead, you reach for a button and press it without opening your eyes."

    I can't quite understand why this hasn't been addressed more by either flic or the community.

  • Id also really like to see an example of how I can connect my flic to my google home. It would be a great addition 😃

  • Hi Emil/ people from Flic,
    As I understand flic via IFTTT is a workable solution.
    Perhaps post that solution here including some examples?

  • FlicTeam

    @cpwri0 Google has not yet released a way for third party buttons to trigger Google home actions. It only works the other way around, i.e. that Google Home triggers third party devices. When / if Google will add support for buttons, then we will do our best to support this.

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