move button from hub to hub

  • Is it possible to move a flic button associated to an old hub to a new LR hub without loosing actions associated to the button?

  • @Emil I was wondering whether the issue of migrating buttons between Flics has made any progress? Also still keen to understand what the barrier is, as asked below.

  • @Emil good evening,

    Could I ask why? What technical barrier can’t be broken to meet this basic user need? I’m no computer scientist, but I am an electronics engineer - close enough to by puzzled by this lack of functionality.

    Already the app connects to the hub and can read the configuration of the buttons. That app is also used to configure buttons via other hubs.

    If the same app can read and write configurations of the buttons, then why can't the app:

    • read and note down the actions of Flic X on Hub X (create tmp file / backup file somewhere)
    • let the user change to the new Hub Y, and
    • reapply the stored configuration of Flic X, but now on Hub Y?

    A solution would be appreciated by many, as this question is so frequently posed to Flicteam.

    In my case, having two hubs and not being able to migrate buttons was plain annoying in the beginning. But when I bought the hub LR to replace an old hub, it became a real irritation. Every button has to be reconfigured by hand, action-by-action. It means that my hub and new buttons are in the drawer since autumn 2019, since it's too mind-numbing a task to start.


  • FlicTeam

    No unfortunately

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