move button from hub to hub

  • Is it possible to move a flic button associated to an old hub to a new LR hub without loosing actions associated to the button?

  • @Emil good evening,

    Could I ask why? What technical barrier can’t be broken to meet this basic user need?

    The flic app can read buttons via the hub. The flic app can also program the buttons via the hub. Why can the app remember the actions, the user changes hubs and the app programs the next button with those actions.

    I’m no computer scientist, but I am electronics engineer - close enough to by puzzled by this lack of functionality.

    I am in good company, as this must be one of the most frequently posed questions about Flic. It was annoying in the past, but when I bought the hub 2 to replace my old hub, it became a real irritation. It’s a lot of work to move a handful of buttons action-by-action.

    In reality, my hub and new buttons are in the drawer since autumn, and probably will be until my hub 1 breaks and I have to replace it (which is not far off, as the USB power socket is letting loose inside the hub).


  • FlicTeam

    No unfortunately

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