Flic 2 Firmware version 8 bug

  • Are any other developers having issues with the firmware version 8 and a single click now triggering a double click in iOS delegate method of -(void)button:(FLICButton *)button didReceiveButtonDoubleClick:(BOOL)queued age:(NSInteger)age

    Previously on 7 we had no issues but now on 8 we are seeing random cases of this occurring. Our apps have the first iOS SDK in it. The firmware automatically updated.

  • @Emil Our client is sending 4 buttons to a tender and with the issues that are happening on version 8 could we request the following buttons also be placed on version 7 for the mean time. They are
    BA48 – A39996
    BA48 – A54514
    BA48 – A54466
    BA48 - A51788
    It would be greatly appreciated.

  • @Emil Our client has reported that the issue does not appear to occur when testing version 7 on BA46-A24417.

  • FlicTeam

    @grant-luck ok just added that as well

  • @Emil was the serial number of BA46-A24417 also added to the buttons reverting to 7? If not can it be added?

  • @Emil I just run a test on BA33-A01478 which is now back on version 7 and after 42 button presses the issue had not happened on iOS. iOS seems to be less resilient to what ever is going on in version 8. I will let our client know too so they can do some testing. But yeah it definitely seems to be a version 8 issue.

  • FlicTeam

    @grant-luck Ok so now they are marked to have firmware 7, so please do a firmware update of the buttons (which should be done automatically when you connect, but max once per 24 hours, or after pair).

  • @Emil Yes that will be fine

  • FlicTeam

    @grant-luck Firmware version 8 should really not have changed anything regarding this from what I can see. Would you mind if I marked those buttons to revert the firmware to version 7 so you can test more further with that version?

  • Hi Emil, you may have already seen the videos but if not please see Ludvig as we linked some videos in our email messages. We have one button within that range and three outside the serial range. Here is a list
    BA48-A32672, BA33-A00669, BA33-A01478, BA48-A32436
    We have tested on all the buttons and our client has BA46-A24417. The issue happens on all the buttons as far as I am aware as we have not found a button that it does not happened on yet. When the buttons were on Firmware 7 the issue was not seen and we did a lot of testing at that time. It was only after they updated to version 8 the issue started.

  • FlicTeam

    Button having serial numbers between BA33-A00001 and BA33-A01000 weren't supposed to be shipped out. They have early hardware which was affected by a debounce issue. It seems you got hold on buttons in this range, and that's probably why you see the issue.

  • FlicTeam

    @grant-luck Please send over videos, logs etc. you have to us.

  • In our testing this also affects the Android SDK. We have done up multiple videos demonstrating the issue. It is rather random, some of our videos are 30 secs long while others are 7mins long until the issue happened. I believe the Flic team is in communication with our client and we will give the testing details from there.

  • FlicTeam

    This seems a bit weird to me. Nothing was changed in the firmware relating to how button events happen...

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