Google Home Integration?

  • Hi,

    I have a mobile phone, laptop, Philips HUE, and 4 Google Devices (Nest Hub, Nest Thermostat, Google Home, Google Home Mini).

    When clicking my flic, I want to dim all my lights, then play a specific Spotify playlist or Radio.

    However, the native Spotify Web Connect only allows music to be played on either my mobile or laptop, not any of the Google Home Speakers. Is there a workaround for this?

    Unfortunately, Zapier & IFTTT integrations with Spotify do not seem to support music playback. I thought there might be a way to send a command to the Google assistant, but that doesn't seem feasible either.

    Any ideas?

  • Not really of any help but just some more context. The Google home is only available as an device to the Spotify API for a limited time and then it drops of the "list". I haven't found a way to trigger the G Home to start it's Spotify web connect service but haven't really looked yet either. If so you could potentially "wake" up Spotify web connect on the G Home in order for it to be available to the Flic action.

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