Unable to connect Wink provider for my Flic Hub LR running firmware 2.0.15

  • I used to have Wink shortcuts hooked up to my Flic buttons through my Flic Hub LR but I was having issues with Wink so I logged out of the provider. Now when I go to connect the Wink provider, I successfully log-in to the API site for Wink but then when it gets back to Flic it returns an error: "Error: Could not refresh Harmony Hub" even though I'm trying to configure Wink. It also lists 0 Shortcut(s). When I configure the Wink provider for my phone, however, it connects fine.

    Can someone help me with this issue?

  • I'm also seeing similar, the Wink provider connects but shows 0 shortcuts available. Looking forward to the firmware update to fix this and return Flic+Wink functionality.

  • @Emil
    Hi There, I’m having similar issue ( wink ) with able to log in to Wink but it says 0 short cut available. Is there a firmware update available yet ?

    Thank you.

  • FlicTeam

    We are aware of the issue. It seems like this happened recently after Wink modified something on their servers. Anyway we will release a new hub firmware next week which will fix the issue.

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