Smart Life discontinuance of IFTTT

  • From the end of May Smart Life/Tuya will no longer integrate with IFTTT making a lot of people's flic buttons useless from that point on. Is it possible for flic to set up a partnership with Tuya to enable a direct connection into the Smart Life app.

  • @Emil yes, I think SmartLife is back on IFTTT but I imagine most users won't want to buy an expensive subscription to go beyond their free IFTTT account limit of creating 3 personal applets so they will be reliant on other IFTTTers publishing a relevant working applet for general use. Perhaps the Flic Team could tell Flic users about an alternative to IFTTT - set up a account with appropriate automations and program Flic to send an internet request to run the automation.

  • This post is deleted!

  • FlicTeam

    @michael-2 I think SmartLife is now back to IFTTT?

  • @Emil Hi, did you manage to get anywhere with Tuya? I have a couple of bulbs I'd like to use with flic :)

  • There is an app you can use called "Brilliant Smart" that you can use to add your Smart Life devices, and they still support IFTTT. You just need to remove your devices from the Smart Life app and add them to the Brilliant Smart app instead. I have done this myself and can confirm that it works.

  • FlicTeam

    Yeah it's sad they removed IFTTT support. Maybe IFTTT increased the prices too much or something...

    Anyway, we'll buy a few Tuya devices to our office and play around and see if we could build some integration. We have also reached out to Tuya.

  • I'm also having this issue, I was having problems with my flic control of smart life curtains and disconnected smart life, to try and fix and then when I went to reconnect it was gone. It's a shitty situation. I hope that there will be a solution with flic connecting to smart life and hopefully allow toggle of open and close.

  • @terry Ditto! I'm really worried about the loss of functionality with this loss. I was all prepared to buy another tranche of buttons, but there will definitely not be enough support in my house to warrant those buttons. A direct link to SmartLife would be smart and helpful.

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