Using the Flic App with Flic1 buttons

  • As of two days ago I was using, on a iOS 9.3 iPad, the flic1 buttons and the Flic App 2.2.16. Everything worked fine.
    Yesterday there was no trace of my Flic1 button anymore on the Flic App and I am not able to pair the button anymore:
    error code f8: "There was an error trying to connect to our servers. Please check your internet connection...".

    • Internet connection is fine
    • the button pairs fine with FlicApp 4.0.5 on iPhone iOS 13.5.1
    • before trying on the iPAD I am sure that the the button is not paired with any another device
    • the button glow red on first click but then the pairing stops half way trough

  • FlicTeam

    The as of now very old app doesn't work anymore, due to a certificate that has expired. Please use the latest app, that unfortunately isn't compatible with such an old iOS version.

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