will flic support Philips hue smart Plug?

  • will flic 2 support Philips hue smart Plug natively “ not through ifttt / internet requests” or the just the lightS?

  • @Emil
    Any time frame for the new firmware update to fix the hue api issue?

  • FlicTeam

    @wallacepost You can have both Ethernet cable and Wi-Fi in use at the same time. I'm not an expert on this topic but the result is the same as with any computer supporting both Ethernet cable and Wi-Fi, namely that the kernel will create some routing table and direct traffic through the interface it thinks will work best.

  • @Emil
    If I knew you guys had addressed the issue then i would be happy to wait for the firmware update. What frustrated me was that I didn’t hear any replies from your guys and I have been reset all my devices multiple times in the last couple days , wasted my time.

    One more question, Is that ok to have ethernet cable plugged in and wifi connected at the same time to the hub or just one of either? What’s the difference, I tried to google it, there is not much information out there.


  • FlicTeam

    Hi. Please be patient. We can't answer every question immediately.

    We have found that Philips hue have changed an API endpoint. We will need to update the apps and hub firmware in order to fix this.

    Note that you only get this issue if your router doesn't work properly, which is why it works for some people and some not. With the fix gets applied it should work for everyone however.

    For HomeKit we are still working actively with Apple to get this certified and have almost daily conversations with them.

  • @Emil
    No replies, no technical support, no following up? No HomeKit? Is this what we paid $450 dollars for?

  • @Emil
    What I’m trying to say , there is a connection problem , flic hub app can’t recognise the hue bridge v2, I can’t get them connected, may be there is a bug with the latest firmware...

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  • Hi Emil,
    I have tried to connect the hue bridge through the flic hub app, but it can't find the bridge.
    I have created another post for technical support, is this something that you can assist me about. thanks

  • FlicTeam

    Hi. It is already supported through the Flic Hub or Flic app.

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