Flic LR range?

  • Internal range is supposed to be 50m.
    I’m struggling for 15m with an almost clear line of sight.
    Is there anyway to extend this range?
    Orientation of the hub?
    Antenna on the hub?
    Better on Ethernet than WiFi?

    Or something else going on? I get two orange flashes on the button


  • FlicTeam

    @xAPPO you can have a flic paired with two hubs. When pressing the button it will simply connect to the first one that responds. The hubs otherwise don't "talk" to each other.

  • @Emil
    Can you use two LR hubs in a home with buttons that roam between the two to extend the range ?
    e.g a belt clip attached button that worked throughout the house ?

    Can two LR hubs communicate in any way - sharing )forwarding) actions and packages written with the new SDK ?

  • FlicTeam

    @matt-2 You can't extend the range of the wireless Flic 2 <-> Hub LR communication. However you can put them closer together, and connect the hub to your local network. If your hub and, for example your smart lights, are on the same local network, then they can communicate with each other.

  • @Emil is it possible to get range extenders?

  • FlicTeam

    If you're outside and have free line of sight, you will easily get 50 m range, and further than so, with the Hub LR and Flic 2. If you're inside however, the range is drastically reduced depending on a lot of factors such as walls, obstructions, possible interference etc. You could try to rotate the devices, but there is no written recipe to get perfect radio signals.

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