Reboot the flic hub remotely

  • Hi,
    Is there a way to reboot the flic hub without having to remove the power?
    I have regular problems with the hub losing connection to my ikea trådfri bridge. The only solution seems to be rebooting the flic hub.
    I guess it could quite easily be added to the flic app... Even setting up a reboot on a regular basis on off-hours would be useful in this situation.

  • @Emil Hey, flicteam. Any idea why this happens or if I can help figure out why connection is lost now and then... Also, that reboot function would be handy for a lot of reasons.

  • @Emil Yes exactly. Executing button action either direct or from the app "execute" choice does not work suddenly. Only resolved by rebooting the flic hub. I have a collegue which has the exact same problem as me too. He has installed a timer on the power supply to reboot the flic hub every night...

  • This post is deleted!

  • FlicTeam

    What do you mean by "losing connection"? Do you mean that executing an IKEA Trådfri action does not work at all until you reboot the hub? I haven't heard of such an issue before.

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