Firmware doesn’t update

  • Hi I have 2 x flichub2 in different location. one of them updated to v2.0.19 which I’m not sure if this is latest, the other one is v2.0.15.

    1. Is there a way to do manually?

    2. The one hub v12.0.5 can’t not sync with the hue hub, I was told a newer firmware should fix the issue. Can you please help!?

    Picture attached
    D859E9CB-5B59-4090-896D-08EB761751A6.jpeg 47E9FFC4-0625-4C9C-9D33-B3A19394AA59.jpeg

  • FlicTeam

    @wallacepost we are rolling out the new version slowly. Please be patient and you will get the newest version soon.

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