Flic Hub not resetting

  • I’ve had my buttons and Hub for about 6 months and they’ve been working perfectly up until now.

    Then yesterday my buttons all started showing yellow LEDs when I clicked them, so I checked the hub, and it had no LED glowing. I unplugged and plugged the hub back in, got a red LED for about 10 seconds, then nothing. Repeated that a couple times, but each time the LED went out and the Flic buttons still didn’t do anything but flash yellow.

    Then I tried to connect with the app on both Android and iOS. Tapping my hub—it would sit at connecting and time out on Android, or just sit on “Connecting” on iOS.

    Tapping Add New Hub did nothing—both on Android and iOS, the app would sit at searching for a new hub and do nothing.

    So I tried holding down the reset button with a paperclip wire for a count of 20. There was no change to the unlit LED—I don’t know if there’s supposed to be or not—and tried connecting to my hub, then adding a new hub, again, on both Android and iOS again. I also tried cycling the power and doing these four things—connecting and adding new on both Android and iOS—immediately after the red LED went out after power cycling. Again no luck.

    Without any other ideas, I tried reinstalling the app on iOS, and tried connecting my Android to both my 2.4 GHz and my 5 GHz WiFi networks, but these also had no effect.

    I don’t know what other steps to try. I altered the behavior of one of my buttons just ten days ago, so I know the app was configured correctly before. I’d appreciate any suggestions.

    Oops—I should mention that before I realized ALL my buttons were showing yellow, I assumed it meant the battery on the one I tried had gone empty, so I replaced the battery in that one Flic before doing any of the above, in case that’s relevant somehow.

    Thank you!

  • FlicTeam

    There is one possibility that the power adapter has become bad. Could you try another one, perhaps one that delivers at least 2 A?

  • FlicTeam

    @treyharris good idea with the acknowledgement. I don't think we have that. Most of the company is on holiday right now. We'll be back in August to answer tech questions.

  • @treyharris @Emil Since I haven’t heard any suggestions, I submitted something on the flic.io contact page, after going through the interview flow.

    My experience has been that when you submit an issue in this way with most companies, you receive an automated email acknowledging receipt immediately, but I have not gotten one—if anyone happens to know if that’s unusual and indicates I should try submitting my issue again, I’d appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

  • @treyharris @Emil Actually, if I unplug it and plug it back in, the red LED only lights for a moment—less than one second—then turns off. I’m pretty sure this is new behavior since I attempted to reset it with the paperclip—before that, the LED stayed on for I’d say 5–10 seconds before turning off.

    When the Hub was working correctly, I’m 90% certain that the LED remained lit at all times.

  • @Emil The LED on the Hub? It turns off completely after about 5 seconds or so. I don’t think I configured it differently from the default.

  • FlicTeam

    @treyharris does the LED turn off completely a short time after boot? Have you configured the LED to be on or off (default is on)?

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