flic button names wrong on IFTTT

  • I have 2 original flic buttons connected to the hub and they're named White and Black. They were originally on my flic account before the hub was available and they were named X and Y. When I go to create recipes on IFTTT, the names show up wrong.
    They show up as the old names, X and Y, instead of the more recent names, White and Black.
    It's a minor nuisance but it gets confusing when creating recipes.
    I've already disconnected my flic account from IFTTT and reconnected it to see if it would refresh the names but no luck.
    Any help getting them to show up correctly would be appreciated.

  • @Emil Considering that I'm doing all of the configuring for the Flic button and IFTTT from my cell phone while connected to my home Wi-Fi, I'd say that I'm pretty much always connected to the internet so the provided "solution" isn't much of a solution. But thank you anyways.

  • FlicTeam

    Hi. What you need to do is to be sure to be connected to internet while you change the name of the buttons, in order to sync the names.

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