getting reliable HOLD from Flic Button

  • Hello,

    I am building an app which requires the user to use a flic button to enter 1 of three states.
    I am using click, double click and HOLD.

    I have found that HOLD is not reliable. This is even true with the sample IOS app developed by FLIC.

    single click and double click are reliable, however HOLD works maybe 75% of the time.

    Is there any solution for this? or is this button really a 2 state ( click/double click) device.?

    Any advice is welcome!!!


  • We are having the some problem.

    When holding the button firmly, many time we get 2 times single click or double click.
    It's kinda unreliable unfortunately.

    Is there any update for this topic?

  • Hey folks! I have the same issue. Flic 2 is unreliable compared to my trusted Flic 1.

    The commands work most of the time, but they fail quite often (the 75% estimated success rate sounds about right), which means I can't really rely on it.

    Any ideas on how to improve this?

  • I have the same issue.

    Flic 1 works ok.
    But with Flic 2 I get 'click' every time I try to hold, only sometimes after a few seconds I get 'hold' event additionally.

    So hold is not usable. My buttons were ordered at kickstarter.

  • Same problem here.
    The Flic2 buttons are much less reliable then the Flic1.
    Something to do with the hardware switch bouncing?
    Some buttons works some other don't repsonde correctly to the 3 form of click.

  • This is a huge problem with all 6 of my brand new Flic buttons. The "HOLD" function either registers as a single click, or as multiple single clicks. This is an extremely frustrating issue that renders them practically useless for my application and seems like a major oversight.

  • I am pressing the button firmly. Also, I get the same issue with any of my flic 2 buttons.

    Also, when hold stops working, the button usually has to sit idle for a few seconds before hold wil work again.

    This is repeatable with your IOS sample app. Not my code.


  • I get single clicks instead of holds.

  • FlicTeam

    Hi. Do you get any other events instead of hold? For example some click or double click events. I'm thinking of if the physical switch isn't pressed enough to get contact.

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