My attempt at making a weather resistant enclosure for a flic button

  • 20200911_112056.jpg

    Got the faceplate for $9. I didn't even realize it came with the circular sized faceplace that is surprisingly perfect for the flic and the rubber gommet. I picked up the gommet separately at lowes.


    Flic in gommet in faceplate like they were made for each other.


    How the front looks snapped together. I used a utility knife to carefully trim down a top half of the gommet for a snug fit.


    Backside view. Basic standard weather insulation and plate, from lowes for a couple bucks. Again this insulation came pre perferated for what is apparently a standard sized flic button. What was removed was placed inside the cavity behind the flic. I intentionally didn't back it flush with the back of the gommet to extrude out just a bit (preference really). And then to help make sure it doesn't fall back inward after pressing it a bunch.

    I combined the front and rear plates together as the complete unit. Since they're both intended to be mounted on a gang box none of the holes are threaded so I needed a couple bolts to just hold it all together.

    To be determined how well it holds up. It'll be covered on my patio from direct rain, really the main concern now is just seeing how long it can keep up in the Texas heat ;)

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