iOS 14 Local Network Access

  • Since iOS 14 apps have to ask for permission if they want to access the local network. For that reason the current Flic app can't reach my Hue bridge anymore. Is there an ETA for an iOS 14 compatible app?

  • @Emil Thanks, I got it to work now. I had to open the flic app and execute the action manually from within the app. Then it will asks for Local Network permissions.
    I checked the iOS settings before, but apparently the Local Network switch there only appears after it was requested within the app.

  • This post is deleted!

  • FlicTeam

    @CrowleyAJ you should get a popup if you have the app in the Foreground when you do something requiring local network. Otherwise you can just open iOS settings and enable LAN permission for the Flic app.

    We're working on an updated app to get a more smooth experience.

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