Stuck "Looking for Hub" during initial setup

  • I just got my Hub and button combo and started following the setup process. Plugged up the Hub to get a solid red light. Went to add a Hub in the app, it found my serial number, tapped it, and now the progress bar is stuck about 33% around and it says "Looking for Hub".

    I've killed the app and relaunched and did a hard reset with the tiny button the Hub and it still does the same thing.

    Please help.

    Update: Looks like the button that was included in my package doesn't work either. No light appears when I hold the button and I opened it to make sure the battery was facing the proper direction.

  • FlicTeam

    The bug that it fails to connect to the hub is something that started to appear in iOS 14 that some customers have reported. We ourselves have not been able to reproduce the issue so we don't know what could be the cause. We're working on updating the app with some more logging to try to figure out the reason.

    For the button that doesn't light up, let's continue the discussion in the support ticket you also sent. My guess is that it's out of battery for some reason.

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