Homekit scam??? 😬

  • I wonder why Homekit still isn’t here. From my perspective it sounds like the flicteam is just trying to buy more and more time. But for what purpose?

    My only questions is;

    Is Homekit gonna be released this year, AND do U need to buy another Hub LR2 maby? Or will the LR hub upgrade like promised?

    I just bought the flic for Homekit like so many other customers.

    Just give us some real information guys!! Come on! 😳🧐

  • FlicTeam

    In the past few weeks HomeKit has been tested by a select group of beta testers. Everything is working great and we submitted the app for public release last week but unfortunately it was rejected due to a technicality.

    It came to our attention that the general license agreement had been outdated before the approval process was complete, the license agreement has now been updated and as soon as we receive an approval we will resubmit the app for public release.

    In other words the HomeKit release is just around the corner. As soon as this happens we will push automatic firmware updates to your Hub LR’s and all you need to do is download the latest version of the app and you’ll be able to get started! We are however unsure when we can get the new approval, hopefully soon.

    HomeKit will work on the Flic Hub LR.

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