New WEMO plugs not being recognized in the flic app

  • WEMO came out with new smaller plugs
    When searching for WEMO plugs the new smaller plugs are not showing up in the list.

  • FlicTeam

    We are aware of this. Before we have competed support for these new devices, you can use flic with Homekit to control them.

  • Same problem. My newer WeMo smart plugs can't be found, nor can the WeMo Light Switch 2nd Gen. The app spins the search wheel forever, and never finds the WeMo's. I've verified the hub, my Phone and all the WeMos are on the same WiFi network, and the WeMo app and Homekit on my phone and iPad have no problems finding the WeMos.

  • Same thing here. I just received 5 of the new/smaller WEMO plugs. I have a whole bunch of the larger plugs and light switches and the Flic hub is able to find and access all of those (and has worked fine for over a year). But no matter how many times I refresh, I can't get it to find any of the new/smaller WEMO plugs.

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