1st Generation Hub with IR blaster

  • I've been waiting for the time when I can use shortcuts on my phone to trigger the IR blaster. For the three years I've had the device it's only ever been able to trigger the IR blaster from the flic buttons.

    It's on firmware 2.0.19

    I don't think this is possible still, right? I held out hope but don't think it's happening.

    Has anyone successfully hacked the IR blaster to do this? I just want to be able to control my tv with HomeKit or shortcuts at the least. I don't really want to have to buy another hub.

  • FlicTeam

    The hub sdk is now open for beta testing. Send a request through https://flic.io/support with your hub serial number and we'll set it up if you want. You can control the IR blaster through it.

  • They've already got your money, I wouldn't expect them to follow through with their promises.

    I'm also still waiting for the ability to 'hack my hub' as stated in the indiegogo campaign. I think there's posts from earlier this year that say a hub SDK is coming in Q1, with an update in Q1 saying it'll be delayed again. Even if it materializes, it wouldn't surprise me if the Gen 1 wasn't supported or the IR blaster is ignored.

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