IR Blaster with Apple HomeKit

  • Does anybody know how I can use the IR Blaster with HomeKit, so that Siri can turn on my TV and AV-Receiver?

  • @Emil this is exactly the reason I bought Flic 2. But with a huge disappointment, this purchase has become useless to my home. I am hoping HomeKit, and IR integration is implemented ASAP.

  • @Emil Is this possible with a button connected to a phone? My use case is for controlling my AC, which I'd like to be able to do while away from home primarily. It was one of the core reasons for my interest in flic.

    Ideally it would be accessible to a 'widget' in the phone app, but exposing it to HomeKit would be excellent.

  • @Emil
    Thanks for the answer
    I think you will be the first to provide an IR capability to homekit adding thus functionality for sure!!

  • FlicTeam

    Hi. The intention with the Homekit integration is to be able to trigger Homekit actions using a Flic button. If there is a lot demand for this we might consider this in the future.

  • Same question here
    Have spend a lot of time to record my remote on the IR Blaster but it doesn't appear in Homekit
    The hub mention it have 1 accessory but the page is empty in the home app.
    It seem the home kit registration id quite incomplete / the IR blaster is not well recognized
    Team my ask you to answer?

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