Flic HomeKit simple on/off option?

  • I have been using Flic since version 1.0 and I am quite happy that HomeKit support is finally here as I'm setting up a whole new apartment with over 30 Flic buttons.

    I understand that each Flic is either controlled 100% by HomeKit or 100% by the Flic app. I will only use the HomeKit Flics to control services which are not (yet) available on Flic. These include some mechanical ventilation systems and some light bulbs which I can't replace with Hue bulbs. These are all controlled by Aqara smart switches and work quite well.

    The problem I'm having, and I'm hoping it's just a lack of understanding as to how to setup and configure the new system, is I don't seem to be able to set each click option as an on/off click.

    To better explain here's an example:

    With a Flic app-controlled Flic I can set the single click to turn on/off lights, the double click to turn on/off lights at a different dimmed level and I can set the long click to play/stop music on my Sonos.

    With a HomeKit-controlled Flic i can only seem to set the each click option to activate a HK scene. If I single click it activates a HK scene for a specific set of lights. If I press again on the single click it doesn't do anything as the HK scene is already activated. It doesn't deactivate the scene and it therefore doesn't turn off whatever that scene turned on. Obviously the same thing happens with the double click and the long click options. I am therefore currently using the, undesired and frankly unacceptable, workaround of: single click activates a scene which turns on the specific lights, double click activates a different scene which turns off the same specific lights and a long click activates another scene which sets the same specific lights to a particular dimmed level. In other words I have lost at least one to two options per button and I have to create three HK scenes per button.

    Is there no way to configure each click (single, double and long) to turn on/off HK devices and/or scenes???

  • FlicTeam

    Hi. I think this reply answers your question: https://community.flic.io/post/19662.

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