Solution for elderly...

  • Hi!
    Just wanted to share a simple solution I set up for my old father; These days with the Corona virus lurking around, there are lots of elderly people that feel they are isolated from family and friends.
    Thanks to the Flic button I could make a simple solution for my father to get in contact with the outside world!
    Since he had problems with his hands he couldnĀ“t handle a phone (even less a smartphone) so I put the Flic button just beside his bed, where he spent most of his time so he could easily reach it and by pressing the button his smartpone would send my sister and me a short sms to call him. When we called him up his smart phone was connected to a conference phone which answered automatically after a few rings, so we could talk to him without him having to take any actions. It worked very well!
    I also connected a Logitech device that made it possible for me to control his TV (over Teamviewer for Android), so we could turn it on or off and rise or lower the sound of it, since he had problems handling the remote control.
    That Flic button was a great success and came to a lot of use!

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