Toggle HomeKit scene?

  • Hi, I just ordered the new Apple HomeKit compatible Flic 2 buttons, including the Flic Hub.

    My intended use for my Flic buttons is to toggle HomeKit scenes, i.e a first button press will switch all lights on, and a second press turn all lights off etc. I.e each press on the Flic button should "rotate/toggle" to the other HomeKit (light) scene.

    I do not want to use double press or long press for the second function, I'd like one short press to just toggle the HomeKit scenes between "Home" and "Away".

    While I haven't received my Flic kit yet, after lot of studies online related to HomeKit, the HomeApp, and iOS shortcuts, it appears hard to implement something as simple as toggling HomeKit scenes using a button press.

    Is anyone aware of a workaround for this?


  • FlicTeam

    @guy We have not updated anything regarding Homekit. Do the icons representing the buttons in the Apple Home app wobble when you press the physical Flic buttons? (if so everything is right from our side)

  • As @isolating says, this can be done in HomeKit by turning the action into a shortcut and then setting the shortcut so that if the garage door is open, set it closed, else set it open.

    I had this setup working on three different flic buttons - two toggling different PCs on / off with the double click action (so single and long clicks could control the lights) and one to close / open a blind on double click. All was fine until a couple of weeks ago when they all stopped working. I know the shortcuts still work in HomeKit so assume flic has updated and broken something.

  • @magnus-0 In order to toggle HomeKit devices you need to have a HomeKit hub (Apple TV, iPad or HomePod) and be running iOS 13 on your phone or iPad to set it up. But as long as you do then all you need to to is have the flic button run a HomeKit shortcut (If X is 'on' then do scene A, Otherwise do scene B). I use such shortcuts for my lights and plugs so that a single click toggles between them. Here's a link to a detailed walkthrough link text.
    Hope that helps.

  • Following along to see if anyone has input. I just received mine and hoped to use one button to open and close my garage door. Currently I have it set for a regular press to open and long press to close, but I’d prefer to use a regular press for both, effectively just changing whatever state the garage door is in.

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