How do I do I send an sms text message?

  • Hi, I have just bought the latest Flic Hub LR with the Flic 2 smart buttons. I am now trying to set up a button paired with the hub to send an sms but I canโ€™t understand how to achieve it?

    I am using the Flic app on my iphone to configure my hub. I want to be able to send a sms just using the Hub (without the phone having to be around).

    Cheers and thanks in advance!

  • Hi,

    I had this requirement and solved it by linking Zapier (Free account) (5 Zap limit I believe so if you need more perhaps not the right email option) and then using a service called Firetext (UK based) to deliver the text messages.

    And yes it works ๐Ÿ‘ .

    You will need to pay for credits (the first 25 are free) ยฃ20 for 500 so depending on what you want this combination, as a way of using a flic button as an alert service, it works well.

    However!! Zapier is not instant so if anyone knows of a service that will email instantly I would be interested (I will keep looking).

    The reason I mention the delay is for those who are looking for a Panic Button Solution as the above combination can take between 30 seconds and a few (less than 5) minutes to deliver the text, the delay is with the Zapier free account, unfortunately. :(

    But if you need an alert as an email/text this workaround/combination is by far the simplest/cheapest I have found and it works :).

    Hope that's helpful for someone.


  • I, too, am a new flic button/hub user and want to use the button to send myself an SMS. I couldn't get it to work on IFTTT, though that service seems to think it's possible and everything is properly connected. I WAS able to get it work fine on Zapier, however. Unfortunately, ideally I'd like the button to trigger an SMS to two different numbers (same message, though). While Zapier supports this, and I got it to work, it will cost me $240/year after the trial period, and that's too much for me, so I'm still looking around for another solution (maybe Microsoft Flow). Zapier supports a single SMS/button press for free, however.

  • FlicTeam

    @Swedishflicker that's when the Flic is connected to the phone - not to the hub.

  • @Emil ok thanks. Have you supported it yourselves before? I remember reading forum posts (not in this forum necesarilly) about buying credits to send sms.

  • FlicTeam

    We don't provide such a service. But you can probably use IFTTT or Microsoft Flow via the Hub to send an sms.

  • Ps. I live in sweden.