Flic Universal HID keyboard function.

  • When I set up my flic buttons to be a keyboard key via Flic universal. it works to press that key once, but if you hold the button like a keyboard it does not repeat the keypress. Is there any way to set this up? It's really frustrating.

    Long press repeats a pre-programmed amount of times but that no good. I need to press and hold and have the key repeat.

    Fingers crossed someone knows how to get this working.

  • @Emil One good use case is for example in windows keep pressing windows button and repeating tap or number button to get a focus on desired program.

    For example I can do this in my real keyboard:
    win + 1 (to focus to zoom app since its first in by task bar), while keeping windows key down + 1 (I can cycle to second screen in zoom windows stack which is always actual zoom call) & alt + a (to toggle microphone mute on/off)

    I have not found a way to make my flic do the same actions.

  • @kurtangus I have the same use case. During my Zwift races, I would like to use push-to-talk with Discord. Have you received updated information?

  • @Emil is there any news on this functionality?

  • @Emil Hi Emil, thanks for the reply. To be honest I think it should simply mimic the keyboard when the universal keyboard is selected.

    So the user would click On Hold for the button option, then select Keyboard under Universal, and under this setting, it repeats on hold like a keyboard, (repeating the keypress until released.
    I really like the way the Universal app works currently. It's very self-explanatory and super easy to set up. This function is also massively for the Discord app, (push to talk where you hold the button to talk and it mutes the mic once release. I genuinely think if you did the above and unlocked it the sale would rocket in the gaming world.

  • FlicTeam

    @kurtangus As mentioned before the app ui does not currently let you do this. We're discussing internally the best way to expose this feature in a good UX way. Let us know if you have any good ideas.

  • @Emil another use would be Push to Talk in Discord. You need to hold the button

  • @Emil hi, is this something that can be enabled?

  • @Emil there are actually lots of gaming capabilities with this but it needs this function to be available. Indoor cycling is just one use case but there are 100s of thousands of indoor cyclists that would be interested.

  • @Emil I want to use it to steer a game with left and right arrows. Specifically within the genre of esports cycling games. I want to attach a button to the left and right handlebars. Other users have come up with wired options but flic two should be able to do this much better.
    Is there a way I can get it to work?

  • This post is deleted!

  • FlicTeam

    It's supported by the firmware, but the app interface currently does not expose this feature. What are you/would you like to using this for?

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