Lots of flashing red lights on all my Flics lately

  • I've had 4 flics for about 6 months and have integrated them with IFTTT and Google Sheets pretty seamlessly, until recently. Pressing any Flic more often than not results in a red light or two. Pressing it again will give me two orange lights followed by a green one maybe 5-7 seconds later, and then I finally hear the little beep on my iPhone. Also, sometimes I will get a red light but will still hear my phone beep.

    I've disconnected each button from bluetooth and reconnected but the issue persists. What could be the cause of this? If it was just one button I'd assume it was time to replace the battery but this is all my buttons at once. They're just totally unreliable now. Is my iPhone killing the Flic app in the background?

  • FlicTeam

    Two short red lights means the battery is under 2.65 Volt.

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