Cannot access Active mode

  • I am a stage performer and am currently developing a show with a need for sound effects. The Flic buttons could be immensely useful in this, but I find that the variable latency times are a problem. In order to reduce latency, or at least keep it consant and therefore predictable, I have tried to access Active mode, but I cannot find this setting. Which menu is it available from?

    Also, any other tricks to reduce latency would be very appreciated.

  • Thank you for the swift answer!

    Ok, always active is good news. But a scan interval of 1.28 seconds sounds a bit worrying. Does that mean that a) the latency is always 1.28 seconds or b) that the latency is at least 1.28, but can vary depending on how long from an interval I happen to press the button? This is important. If a), then I can learn to compensate for this, to always time the sound effects 1.28 seconds from the press of the button. Not fun, but doable. If b), how long could the variable times be? This makes a huge difference for the usage I had in mind.

    Also worth mentioning is that this is a Flic 1. Are there any differences for Flic 2.0?

  • FlicTeam

    We don't have any active/passive mode setting on Android. It's always "active".
    Anyway, Android uses a hardcoded scan interval of 1.28 seconds, which is the amount of time it might therefore take to connect a button if it's disconnected. To stay connected, make sure the button is always in range of the phone.

  • The device is an LG v30 Android phone, running Android 9.0 "Pie". I could also use a PC running Windows 10, but would very much prefer the phone if possible.

  • FlicTeam

    Which platform are you running?

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