How to create sequences in universal mode?

  • When using the button as a keyboard in Universal mode it says

    To further extend the use of having a Flic connected as a HID or MIDI device it is also possible to execute key combinations and sequences. For example, if you want to start an application on Windows, you press [Win + R] to open the “Run” dialogue and then type “” to open up a browser with this address.

    but then doesn't tell you how to set up sequences. I want to have the press of a button type a certain sentence and then press enter. Currently I have to click once to type the sentence, then double-click to press enter, which is far less convenient. Can anyone enlighten me here?

  • Oh easy! Thank you

  • FlicTeam

    It should be as simple as adding two actions to the same trigger. So to "single click", just add first a command to write your url, followed by a command that presses enter.

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