flic app http request support for bearer (OAuth2, password)

  • i am trying to authenticate and run a post/put request with my homebridge. i dont see how i can make a request via the "Internet Request" action. unlike basic auth which i can just enter username/password. please let me know if this is possible. thanks.

  • FlicTeam

    @flic-io-2 Hmm this will not be possible using the Flic app. You could create your own app using our sdks that does what you want if you can build it yourself...

  • hey emil. thanks for the quick reply. ya. i tried that and worked fine. unfortunately if the token expires i will have to regenerate it again and update the app.

    i dont have a hub. so i am doing all this thru the app.

    on my mac, i can get it to work using "User-supplied plugins" as i can just call a shell script i have to auth, then post/put request.

    but i am trying to get this to work on the phone/tablet app and just use "Internet Request" since the phone/table app doesnt have "User-supplied plugins" :P

  • FlicTeam

    If you have a "Bearer" token, just add a header named Authorization, with the value "Bearer your_token".

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