Flic stops working every time i update Alexa on iOS.

  • Is it just me, or despite everything working perfectly perfectly perfectly before an update of Amazon Alexa does Flic just stop working post a phone app-update.

    Third update.
    Third time Flic is a useless ornment.
    Third month on the trot.

    So just like last times (plural).
    Delete the skill.
    Purge the actions.
    Set it all up identically.
    And it'll work until the next update.

    Much as I like the convenience of Flic, setting it up from scratch once a month is simply too much.

    @Admins - please tell me what I'm missing or doing wrong?

    Can I add, that it's not possible to access the battery without totally detaching the entire Flic button from the surface it's attached to, and that there's no audio feedback (for debug) from the hub.

  • FlicTeam

    @paul-mckibbin Our Alexa integration is a cloud to cloud integration. After you have set up Alexa, you could theoretically throw out the Alexa device through the window and uninstall the Alexa app and it should continue to work, assuming you have set up Alexa to perform another cloud action (initiated by Alexa cloud)...

    So I can't understand why the app version in your phone is important.

  • @Emil - it’s when the Alexa app on my phone gets updated.

    I use flic along with an Alexa routine to turn a smart plug on/off via Smart Life skill in Alexa.

    So as I see it, the sequence is: flic button talks to flic hub, flic hub talks to Alexa, Alexa talks to Smart Life, the smart plug goes on/off.

    When it fails, I use the half-split approach to debug, and from Alexa I can turn the Smart Life plug on/off, but flic can’t. So that tells me that Alexa to Smart Life is working. I watch the LED on the flic hub turn on off in response to flic button press, so that part is working.

    That only and logically leaves the integration between flic and Alexa at fault. And if I delete all that config, and re-add it, it all works. So that tells me that nothing physical or irreparable is damaged.

    To me, this appears to be a software integration issue.

    My iPhone is from 2020, has lots of space, and is running the latest iOS. My network is all gigabit with managed switches, WAN is gigabit, flic hub is wired Ethernet, and my WiFi is 802.11ax from 2021. None of my Alexa devices complain about connectivity. And from Smart Life app, the smart plug works fine every time.

  • FlicTeam

    Hi. This is the first time we hear this.

    Do you mean updating the Alexa device from the Alexa iOS app or do you mean updating the Alexa iOS app in App store?

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