SDK: how to obtain information about the hub itself?

  • Hi folks,

    I just tried the flic hub sdk. I like it.
    I want to make a http request and pass information not only about the clicked button, also about the flic hub, if possible.

    I know that I could simply write something hardcoded into the module like the hub name to identify the hub, but if someone changes the name of the hub it would be great if i could send the real name of the hub with my http request.

    I could not find any object or module that tells me information about the hub itself...
    I would like to get all information about the hub like:

    • the hub name
    • the hubs unique id if there is something like that
    • the firmware version
    • the connectivity type (Ethernet/WiFi) and ip address + mac address

    Is this possible somehow?

    Thanks in advance.

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