How do you manually set a static IP address on the Flic Hub?

  • I need to find the procedure to manually assign a IP address to the FLIC HUB without DHCP. I want the hub to connect to a network used for automation which does not have DHCP. All other devices have a manually configured IP address. Out of 193 IoT devices the HUB is the only device that is not capable of accepting an manually assigned IP address. WHY? I have no need for DHCP on this network, nor do I want to add it for just one device. When the hub is first connected it makes three DHCP requests then when it does not receive a reply it goes into an offline state until it is power cycled. However, when DHCP is enabled the damn thing just sits there and floods the network with DHCP requests. This HUB acts more like a botnet infected slave than a genuine IoT device.

    Does the firmware need to be updated? Is there an update available?
    How do I manually assign an IP address?

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