Flic integration with Google Assistant/Home and/or IFTTT not working properly

  • I had two wishes for the use of Flic.

    1 To use it with Google Home/Google Assistant - to click the Flic instead of speaking a command that triggers a routine.
    2 To use it with IFTTT as a workaround (read about before I bought).

    Unfortunately, I cannot connect with Google Home or Assistant (even though Assistant and Flic is shown here: ifttt.com/connect/google_assistant/flic)

    So at the time being, I have nothing to use Flic for.

    I did read that it wasn't possible to use Flic with Google Home yet but I had my hopes up high for a lot of other things.
    Looks like it can't be used for any of my stuff. Maybe just turn on the Apple TV.

    My complete setup uses Deltaco lighting, IKEA lighting and speakers, Apple TV, and Sonos speakers.

    Can anyone help me out here?

    Maybe the Flic team can provide information on why Flic can't be used with Google Assistant or Google Home or any other of the before mentioned things.


  • FlicTeam


    The Google Assistant integration we have is the one on the phone. Basically when you press flic then the voice assistant on the phone will open up and begin listening for a voice command.

    Google Home does not allow third party triggers in their ecosystem (yet). They were planning to add support for buttons some year ago but for some reasons dropped those plans. Maybe because they want people to use their voice, I don't know.

    We have direct integration with IKEA Trådfri and their Sonos speakers. Deltaco is white labelled Tuya SmartLife devices, so I guess you can use them through IFTTT.

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