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    I have the same issue described in the previous post by business2.
    I need to reset the HomeKit association of the flic hub, so that it can be re-paired with HomeKit again.

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  • @Emil
    I understand that this process will also delete any buttons that were associated with the Hub.
    I have a few buttons that I want to use with HomeKit and others that are currently doing other tasks. Will I need to reprogram them all?

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    The only way to reset the HomeKit pairing is via a factory reset of the Flic Hub, which is how it must be done according to Apple's requirements.

    Begin by looking in the Home app under Menu -> Home Settings -> "Home Hubs & Bridges" and make sure that the hub is not visible there. If it is, then delete/unpair it.

    Now perform a reset by pressing and holding the pin hole button on the Flic hub for between 10-15 seconds exactly (aim for 13 seconds). Not less, not more. Once complete the LED will flash a few times and then reboot. Also delete the Hub from the Flic app and then scan for it again once rebooted.

    When going through the HomeKit setup, make sure that you reach the final step where it says "Bridge Added to My Home”. (Like in this video at 1:13:


    Also, at the second last step, where it says "Bridge Name" (1:11 in video), you can press the Identify button. Doing this should immediately flash the LED on the Flic Hub and thus confirms that the HomeKit connection is properly set up and that the Hub is reachable. Verify that this is the case. Then, at the very last step (1:13), make sure you press "Done" and not "View in Home". This will take you back to the Flic app and the HomeKit actions should automatically assign to the button. Make sure that this happens, then back out of that view, then select the button again to go into it and see that they are in fact saved.

    At this point you can disconnect the Hub and move over to the Home app. If the hub is not visible in the Home app at this point, then there must be some internal issue in HomeKit that has occurred.

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